KOH YEE is involved in cultivation of vegetables, mushroom, palm oil and rubber. The products are then distributed across East Malaysia, Brunei and some parts of West Malaysia.

The company is committed to sustainable development and adhere strictly to best agricultural practices. The Company also invests heavily in Research and Development (R&D) and already started organic farming.

Vegetable Cultivation
Farms Greenhouse Tomato Plants Cabbage Lettuce

In KOH YEE, we cultivate and market vegetables around East Malaysia. We have several vegetables farms in Sabah, producing a wide varieties of vegetables. We have recently started organic farming.

Mushroom Cultivation
Platter of mushroom Oyster Mushroom White Jelly Fungus

The market for mushrooms continues to grow due to interest in their culinary, nutritional, and health benefits. Mushroom production plays an important role in managing farm organic wastes when agricultural and food processing by-products are used as growing media. The spent substrate is then be composted and applied directly back to the soil.

In KOH YEE, we cultivate and market mushroom around East Malaysia. We have several mushroom farms in Sabah, producing Oyster Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, White Jelly Fungus, Black Jelly Fungus, Black Poplar Mushroom and etc. We also conduct Research and Development (R&D) to increase yield and cultivate new species.

Palm Oil Plantation
Palm Oil Farm Palm Oil Plants Palm Oil Fruits